Irma went to Vienna...

... for a checkup with the doctors regarding the nerves in her bionic arm. Before there was a fear that her nerves would get weak, but after the checkup they found out that her nerves are still strong. She is now doing special exercises while her arm is connected to diodes that shows her in a computer how her nerves or her arm are responding. These exercises are tiring, but Irma has shown great improvement!

Recap was done, and we finalized the new amounts that needs to be raised. 

So far we have collected amazing figure of 110 000€!!! From that amount Irma has used around 60 000€ for medical treatment needed for her face surgeries. After two years, the time has come for the bionic arm and they have asked for the cost estimation from the doctors. 

Sadly we did not collect enough money up to this point, because cost estimation for the bionic arm is 115 000€ + 35 000 € of post operative treatment costs. 

When we take into consideration 50 000 € left from the first cycle of raising we came to the new amount needed, and that is 100 000€!!! 

We have again ultimate task to help Irma, to change one life and give her the chance to have normal life!!!


A message from Irma Bejdic about her recovery

"I am very well now. The doctors here in Munich did amazing job by now, and I am very happy to have a chance to have my medical treatment here. 

I have a surgery every month and I need some time to recover from each. I am last year of Master of Banking and Insurance at University of Sarajevo, and since I’m here my University has organized for me online studying. 

    So I passed all my exams from the last year via Skype. Now I am working on my Master thesis and learning German, in between my surgeries. 

I have many visits from AIESEC-ers and AIESEC Alumnies from Germany and I enjoy spending time with them. AIESEC Alumni from Germany had their Assembly recently and they informed they have some new plans for fundraising, since the donations are coming very slow in last couple of weeks. They plan to contact companies here in Germany to include them as well. 

    I appreciate it very much because I am not able to go further with the next step of my medical treatments without new donations."

For more information, please contact AIESEC in Bosnia & Herzegovina here:

Phone: +387 33 275 989

Alumni can contact Carlos Botero, alumni donation campaign coordinator, here:


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